In Memory of Bonnie Troy

In Memory of Bonnie Troy

Bonnie was a life-long dog lover who adopted Skippy (above, left) on July 19, 2008. She provided a loving home to Skippy for more than 10 years and when Bonnie moved to assisted living Skippy found a new home with Bonnie's son Mike, his wife Malee and their dogs, Lyla and Blue. It would warm Bonnie's heart to know that in lieu of flowers, donations were made to the Humane Society so that others may benefit from the organization's efforts the same way that she did. (Note: Skippy is more than 15 years old and going strong!)

Honour Roll

“In honor of our Aunt Bonnie. Teresa, Leah, Sara and Patrick”


Sara Ruhlmann
Mar 18, 2022
Iowa, US

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Mike Troy


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