In Honor of Donna Ingemanson

In Honor of                                                   Donna Ingemanson

Donna's love for animals glowed throughout her life. She was the best loving mom to 4 wonderful dogs and 1 beautiful cat...Piddle, Penny, Franzburger, Emma Rae, and Ms. Kitty.

Emma Rae and Ms. Kitty stayed behind wondering why their mom has not come home. Her love extended outside the home to other dogs and cats, birds, squirrels, and the racoons.

A good friend who is also her neighbor wrote...

"Donna was very unique and very special. I will miss her as my friend and neighbor. She was so tough on the outside but soft as can be inside. We raised all the strays in the neighborhood and all the racoons knew they could get some bread from Ms. Donna."

Donna's wishes were that money would not be spent on her for flowers or fancy services but instead would be donated to directly benefit the well being of needy animals. She specified The Humane Society of Tampa Bay as one of the recipients of those donations.

Donna Ingemanson

January 13, 1957 - January 5, 2021

Forever in our hearts

Honour Roll

“sending a kiss to heaven from Ms Emma and Ms Darlene love you and miss you always”


Darlene Royal
Jan 23, 2021
Florida, United States


Jan 19, 2021
Florida, United States

“Donna had such a tender, compassionate heart for all living things and she had a beautiful gift of serving others, both humans and animals. Donna was a loyal and humble doer, always willing to accept the most menial of tasks. She will be missed greatly; but, she will live on forever in our hearts.”


Sandra Sleet
Jan 14, 2021
North Carolina, United States


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David Ingemanson
Florida, United States


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