Ed Teza and the Animals

Ed Teza and the Animals

In memory... My WWII Vet πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ DAD ❀️ 'ed Dogs πŸ• ....

Dad loved dogs! He is pictured with my dog Sam- that passed just before my dad. Dad's last, and very loved dog was Coco! Dad said it was mom's dog, but she had passed before him. Mom & Dad brought Coco in their lives through the Humane Society of Tampa Bay!!! Dad would be thrilled if you decided to give back to HSTB, both in 'memory of Ed'.. or what would have been his upcoming '96th birthday! ' or 'Dad's animal friends' Either way it is a win/win!

If you can't give right now, that's ok... just please be kind to all our furry animals out there. One day you can 'save' an animal, and today say a little prayer for Dad that all his animals are with him (he would have a HUGE smile!)

Dog hugs and cat licks, I mean kisses... There was always at least one dog and a cat in our house growing up! I hope they are all back together... my Dad would be very happy! For now, you might sponsor, adopt, or give... They are all counting on you... woof! meow! Love and miss you DAD!

Honour Roll

“Rest in peace Ed, you were a loved father.”


Linda Strange
May 11, 2023
Florida, US


May 10, 2023
Texas, US

“Tracy and Scott, unfortunately, we wont be able to make it to the celebration of life on Friday. Please let us know when yiu will have a service in New York state. we definitely want to attend. I will always remember yiur mmom and dad having beautiful, friendly dog companions. it was enriching to their lives. with deepest sympathy as yiu go thriugh the grieving process, Max, Tiffany, Ryan, and Vivienne Zormelo”


Max Zormelo
May 9, 2023
New Jersey, US

“Keeping all of you in my thoughts. Love, Bobbi”


Bobbi Conway
May 9, 2023
California, US

“In honor of a special man. God bless your soul Ed Teza. We won’t forget you. The Asadoorian family.”


Deborah Asadoorian
Apr 20, 2023
Florida, US

“Greetings from Longarone (Belluno, Italy), the town from which the Teza family left for the USA around 1885 (when they were born, Longarone was still in the Austrian Empire).”


Giordano Teza
Apr 20, 2023
Belluno, IT

“love you Uncle Ed! huge supporter of my wildlife rehab- miss youπŸ’”πŸ˜˜”


Patricia Newton
Apr 16, 2023
North Carolina, US

“As you know the shelter and rescue dogs need us! Sam in the photo was a rescue... and he was a great dog! Dad is smiling now!”


Tracy Kersey
Apr 9, 2023
Florida, US

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