Hot Dogs for Dogs

In the Bark in the Park event of 2021, my son Joshua Rosario invited his mother Sandra to join him. Joshua was actively involved in recording the event for Beasley Media Group. Before they left our home, I distinctly recall instructing them not to bring a dog back with them. Despite my request, they returned with not one, but two dogs.

Initially, I was upset, but I now realize it was a blessing in disguise. Thanks to Joshua and Sandra, we welcomed Sakura and Lina into our lives. These furry companions have not only become beloved pets but cherished members of our family.

This experience inspired me to launch this fundraiser page. I believe more people should have the opportunity to discover the love and comfort that a dog can bring. As the owner of Flaming Franks LLC, a hot dog cart business, I have decided to contribute a percentage of our sales to support the Humane Society Tampa Bay. We've coined it "Hot Dogs for Dogs!"

Your donation to our page will further aid and provide support to the animals at The Humane Society. Let's come together to make a positive impact in their lives.

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